Sisal Soap Pouch

Sisal Soap Pouch

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pair with your favorite Body Bar

Our Sisal Soap Pouch is an excellent exfoliant to help you clear up that unhealthy, dry skin. Slip your favorite JW Soap Co. Body Bar in, secure the closure and go to town... See? - that was easy!

The pouch is made from sustainable and biodegradable fibers from agava sisalana - the agave plant.

Sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers of its class. It's stain and mold resistant, absorbent, dries quickly, keeps its shape, and can repeatedly be washed, providing a long-lasting way to polish up your skin.

To ensure maximum life from your Body Bar, remove it from the pouch after use +  allow it to air dry.

Dimensions: 6" X 4.5"

With our commitment to Wholesome Goodness, each of our products is:

- Plant / Vegetable based formula

- Cruelty Free + Vegan

- Paraben & Sulfate free

- Packaged using Compostable / Recyclable / Sustainable materials

- Ethical + Sustainable

- Curated + Designed with you in mind

- Paying it Forward - a portion of our sales go to the betterment of our communities

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