Gift Wrap + Personalized Note

Gift Wrap + Personalized Note

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They say it’s what’s inside that counts, but the outside isn't too shabby either.

Select the perfect items, and we'll take care of the rest.

We gift wrap your entire order - including a personalized gift message inside - shipping it off to your recipient. It includes premium paper, ribbon, a stylish accent, and a wax seal - a handwritten personal note is included inside the box. 

So, we do all the work - you get all the credit!

Steps To Selecting Gift Wrap:

  • select the Gift Wrap + Personalized Note option at checkout
  • Create your personalized message for the gift note
  • The gift wrap service and the fee will be noted on your order
  • Select "Check Out"

Shipping / Billing:

  • Be sure to include the recipient's name + address in the "Shipping" section
  • Include your information in the "Billing" section; use the "use a different billing address option"
  • Enter your billing and address information, and click "pay now"
  • We'll take care of the rest of it

Please note:

  • gift wrapping services are non-refundable.
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