Cotton + Loofah Soap Pouch

Cotton + Loofah Soap Pouch

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pair with your favorite Body Bar

Our Cotton + Loofah Soap Pouch is an outstanding addition to your Body Bar. It's beautifully soft cotton on one side and plant-based loofah on the reverse. 

Simply place your favorite JW Soap Co. Body Bar in, secure, lather up, and there ya go...

Cotton + loofah are both renewable and sustainable plant-based materials.  It dries quickly and can be washed, providing a long-lasting way to polish up your skin during bath time.

To ensure maximum life from your Body Bar, remove it from the pouch after use +  allow it to air dry.

Dimensions: 6.25" X 4.25" 

With our commitment to Wholesome Goodness, each of our products is:

- Plant / Vegetable based formula

- Cruelty Free + Vegan

- Paraben & Sulfate free

- Packaged using Compostable / Recyclable / Sustainable materials

- Ethical + Sustainable

- Curated + Designed with you in mind

- Paying it Forward - a portion of our sales go to the betterment of our communities

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