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thanks for your interest in a special event | custom order with us - we're happy to see you.

you're welcome to review some of the FAQs below - and reach out via the contact form for more detailed information to fit your needs.

we're excited; you should be too. let's get creating - and make your event epic!

you name it, and we can most likely arrange it; the world is our oyster.

weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, employee rewards / gifts - your options are endless; we'd love to chat about your needs.

we can typically work with you for a timeline for your order, no problem.

various factors will determine our internal timeline for planning, creating, designing, and shipping if you are away from the Fort Worth area.

once we get further details - we can provide you with a more detailed timeline.

yes; we require a minimum of $150 for special events | custom orders

absolutely! there's so much to choose from...

fragrance: you can choose from our signature or collection fragrances. we also have access to additional scents that may appeal to you.

labels: we are legally required to include obligatory label information on the product(s); however, we can work with you to customize your order with graphics, names, etc.

molds: we have a variety of molds for personalized products, or you can stick to the signature product molds. we've got you covered.

there's quite a bit we can do - so let's get creating!

we'd love to work with you,

let's do it.

using the form below, you can reach out and let us know what you're interested in creating.

we'll review all your information and arrange some great details for you within 48 hours.

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