our commitment

we're committed to wholesome goodness

with our wholesome goodness promise, we're committed to offering you safe, clean, and quality products you can feel good about buying.

we're guided by the following principles:

Plant / Vegetable Based Products

we source + use certified plant / vegetable-based products - no confusion, no fuss, and there's no which way about it. we're committed to using the best ingredients in our products - period.

cruelty free + vegan products

we're proud to offer a product line that is cruelty free certified + vegan. rest assured, all of our products are humane and don't include any animal by-products. we only use suppliers that certify cruelty free + vegan options.

ethical + sustainable responsibility

we strive to make our community - and our world - a better place. we use materials that are sustainable, compostable, reusable, and/or recycleable, reducing the impact on communities worldwide.

people before profits

we're different; we know that and proudly embrace it. we're honored to be able to operate outside the "box" when it comes to our business - people come first, not profits. we don't have any shareholders or conglomerates to please - just our fiercely loyal customers.

paying it forward

you can feel good about your purchases with us; we're paying it forward. we donate a portion of each and every sale to our community in meaningful ways. we've selected organizations that receive donations quarterly - to pay it forward, ya know. thanks for helping us help our community.